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    As I am getting on a bit now, I have decided that some of the boots I have will definitely outlast me if ever I decided to wear them !!
    Attached are some pictures, they are all size nine or 43 in foreign sizes.
    The two together are all leather, one pair are brand new and never been worn, the other pair are almost new but have been worn but not worn out !!
    The picture of the single pair are leather and Gortex and have been worn, but again have years of wear still in them.
    I have no idea what to ask for them, but to whatever I am offered, will have to have postage added as I should imagine that will around a fiver.
    Have a look and and give me some idea of what to ask.
    I do not want a bidding war so the first reasonable offer will be accepted and I will annotate the post to that effect.
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    Having taken advice from some helpful SD members I will put a price on the boots and see if they will walk !!
    The new pair can be had for 30 and any of the others for 25
    I reckon postage would be about a fiver on top unless you can make use of this company,

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    Hi am interested in the new leather ones. How do we pay you?

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    New Leather ones now sold subject to the usual.
    Posted to Brithunter PM 16th May
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    Gortex boots also now sold subject to the usual. Posted today AM 17th May.

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    Gortex boots also now sold subject to the usual. Posted to Bobt today AM 17th May.

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    Thanks as you know by PM they arrived safely thank you.

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