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Thread: Boar novice in need of advice

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    Boar novice in need of advice

    Hello folks i seem to be in the very fortuate position of having land with boar on in sw scotland. Their causing a hell of a damage over quite a large area of the farm and the owner is'nt best pleased.

    these boar are seemingly tamworth cross boar and escaped about 12 years ago nearby i know of a few being shot up to 30+ stone, mainly been shot dawn and dusk(mainly in forestry so lamping not an option) from what i can gather.

    Got the permission in mid dec last year fresh scrappings all over the place absolutely jumping with droppings and scrapes, lamped it quite a few times over couple o weeks. No Sign(very cold frosty weather) since jan been dawn or dusk when suited although little or no fresh signs so must have moved elsewhere. Tried baiting with buried wheat soaked in molasses to draw them in, only feeding deer and badgers thou.
    had walk round today some signs relatively fresh although not as much as in dec. hopefully get out with lamp next week.

    Need some advice please i have hunted them before in both Australia and NZ but very different climate and terrian and boar lot smaller over there.

    Whats the best plan of attack now, best bait, do they move territorys or will they come back, will sows be gettin to big for shooting now

    Any advice glady apprieciated cheers

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    I have no advice to offer,
    Just to say "you lucky bugger"


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    duplicate of above


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    I have only been the once to Croatia so I'm hardly an expert but they used sweetcorn there. You would see a high seat and underneath would be a stack of corn on the cobs piled up in an enclosure
    I have also seen on DVD hunters using a sacks of sweetcorn in front of a high seat in Hungary, Spain and France. In Africa they also use it for warthog and as pigs need a lot of water they would site their hides near waterholes/wallows near fresh tracks.

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    Perhaps you would benefit if you took an experieced boar stalker with you to fast track your progress, plus the success would impress the farmer.Wish I could help, but I've no experience


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    Maize and peas are the main thing we feed here Wheat would work as well. Little and often. Those electric feeder work well. Ask your super market for waste veg but don't have great rotting piles of the stuff about though .
    It pays to have a feeding area that you never shoot and a couple just for shooting over. Bakery waste was very popular here a while ago but its been found to make the boar to fat and give them bad teeth if to much sugary scrap cakes etc are fed.
    Don't shoot sows with dependant piglets as the damage increases if the young have no guidens from there mother.

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    In the Netherlands and Germany we / i feed the wild boar with mais (maize) (chicken feed). Put it in little holes dug in de ground and put some logs of wood (sliced trees do not know how to explain sorry) over them to prevent badgers or deer from feeding om the mais. Put a high seat next to it (30-40 meters), look what the best spot is regarding the main wind direction. If you buy a cheap little clock and attach a string to the battery and put the string across the feeding area or attach it at the logs of wood on top of the chicken feed, the battery is pulled out when the boar touch the wire. Then you know the time they will approxamitely arrive. Make several feeding area's or high seats so you can switch.
    If you really want to manage them shoot the little piglets as much as possible in stead of going for the od big male ones.

    We used to feed them with dead little chickens in the old days but by law we cannot do that any more. No organic matter from animals. Worked great though.

    Find out where they roll in the mud at those little mud pools. Find out what route they take and shoot them when they travel towards it. Do not shoot them at the mudpool. You only can do that 1 or 2 times and they do not come anymore.

    good luck.

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    Thanks very much for the ideas. This boar shooting is not as easy as i thought. You see the damage and i thought could jist turn up and shoot them when needed freezer filled again. How wrong was i. Wish i found this site earlier, might actually have one in the freezer by now.

    Had a go again on tues nites full moon unforunantely no boar thou. Not much fresh sign either.
    i'm going to try and rigg up some sort of badger proof hopper with the clock attached this weekend hopefully and give it a go. Such a clever but simple idea that with the battery, hopefully i can get it to work. the area is mainly grass fields and not many big logs around, understood what you ment thou. Cheers H&H

    Has anyone tried a posh elecric feeder with the whistle or buzzers which which go off as it spins to attract the pheasants, would the boar learn to come around the time the feeder goes off or would the noise jist scare them away. (If pheasants can learn and there not the brightest of birds ) if they got used to the noise u would know wot time feeder goes off, so possibly wot time boar more likely to show up.

    Also has anyone used cresote to attract them, someone told me they will rub on it. Mibee similar to birch tar which i have seen mentioned on other threads.
    Please keep advice coming. Although think most of boar buggered off and jist 1 or 2 individuals coming on land occasionally possibly this years semi mature boar getting kicked out group? Does that make sense, i'll keep trying thou and be far better prepared for this autumn. Cheers again

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    Alarm Clocks

    "If you buy a cheap little clock and attach a string to the battery and put the string across the feeding area or attach it at the logs of wood on top of the chicken feed, the battery is pulled out when the boar touch the wire. Then you know the time they will approxamitely arrive."

    A friend of mine tried that on an estate in West Dorset recently and came back in the morning to find that the boar had eaten the batteries too! Perhaps we should bait with Duracell!


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