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Thread: Hello to all from sunny scotland!

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    Hello to all from sunny scotland!

    Hello All,

    My name's Marion, 28y/o, living and 'almost' stalking in Argyll, Scotland.

    I got my Parker Hale Safari .243 in December and have spent a very happy winter traipsing about the hills with Mannnlicher, getting my groupings tight, changing scopes about and getting to know my gun. Hoping to take my first deer later this year. On the lookout for a .270 at the right price ie. cheap! I've been clay shooting (non competitively) for many years and in January got a Baikal double trigger 12G - basic but precise!

    Great resource you have here, I've very much appreciated the info I've found these past few months and thought it was about time I registered!

    Happy Shooting!

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    Welcome to the site Safari243

    I only joined the site not that long ago and have enjoyed reading up. I know the Appin area in Argyll well and have stalked there a few times with friends. It's beautiful country. Hope the midgies haven't arrived yet!


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    Hello Marion and welcome. What a cracking part of the country you come from for stalking.

    Have you seen this thread currently active on the site here:

    Looks like you might be a good match for one another. Atb~Tom

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    Thanks Foss, no midgies yet - too windy!!


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    Thank you Tom, I'm very lucky!

    Just looked at the thread, looking to get a .270 as well as my .243 - looks like a good deal!


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hallo there, hope you are well

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