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    mod fit

    Hi, I have purchased a moderator, which fits the threaded barrel fine. However, where it also fits over the barrel, there is a collar on the end of the mod, which isnt a tight fit over the barrel.

    The collar appears to be plastic, so if the fits a problem could I add something to the collar/barrel to make a neater fit ? or can you buy a new collar.

    Thanks, Alan

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    Your best bet is to buy a new collar and get it lathed out to fit properly.
    Some mods can be used without the collar but it is always best to have it fit properly as it gives a bit of stability if ever the rifle should fall over or get knocked.
    By the way it is not plastic, it is probably Delrin, a composition that will not melt or scorch when the barrel gets hot !!

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    Hi Alan
    We usually have 0.1mm clearance between the barrel and the rear bush.
    If you cant buy a replacement I will make you one.



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    how much would that cost i could do with one making too
    we may b human but were still animals

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    I have an A- Tec Maxim and a spare bush from Jacksons the importer cost 4 through my local dealer.

    The dealer turned it down to size for me when I collected it.

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    Thanks for the info folks, I will see what I can source but will keep you in mind Colin. Thankyou. Alan

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    Probably about a fiver but hard to say without seeing the original.



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    The rear bush is not meant to be a tight fit, 3-5 thou is the usual clearance allowed between barrel and Delrin bush, try popping 10 to 15 rounds through a tightly fitted one and watch the strikes varying. The bush is really meant to be an alignment guide to stop cross threading.

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