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Thread: Motor function and scopes...

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    Motor function and scopes...

    After reading the "what Scope 243" thread ( I have forgotten the exact title) I wondered wether the extra wobble observed with high power scopes is present with a lower mag. I studied psychology at uni, and although it was 20 years ago I am now wondering wether there may be some psychology at play here:

    A poster observed that the wobble that is visible with a high mag scope is still present with a low mag scope.... I wonder if it is... at least to the same extent...

    Your brain uses feedback information all the time without you really knowing it, so when you try and steady a rifle and you wobble to the left the feedback from your eye tells the brain to move right. This sounds obvious, but although you may be consciously aware that "you" are doing this, to some extent this is an unconscious process.... So with a higher mag you see more movement, and your correcting movement is magnified also leading to over correction and the cycle continues. How ever much you may be consciously aware of doing this entirely "by your self" your brain is really doing it for you. ... you don't think about balance when riding a bike, your brain takes care of that....

    So with a lower power scope you see less wobble and therefore correct less wobble; therefore you are steadier.

    I am not saying this is definitely the case, but my limited knowledge of the way your brain works tells me that it is probably true...

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    I think you are replying to my post on the other thread? (in the extent of full disclosure I do have a psychology A-level!)

    You may have a point. That said IF you are steady at 12X mag you will be steady at 8X! I like the comforting psychology of an (apparently) bigger target.

    I have seen some impressive shooting with the HMR at lower mag, but if I am shooting at a bunny at 120 yards I like to crank things up to 16X!

    I think seeing a bigger (and therefore clearer) picture actually increases my confidence and improves my shooting. I think that is a bigger factor than brain over-correcting a minor wobble.

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    The effect that I am talking about is only going to be a minor one, and you do need to be able to see the target of course. I am just wondering wether the high mag may be a hinderance on shots other than prone, bipod type shots when you will be pretty steady anyway.

    You are right about confidence, I have not considered that, merely the basic steadying of the rifle.

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    If you want to see how even you pulse effects this then you only need a scope of/or set at 4x Mag. Lay the back of your bare hand on a solid surface. Place the rifles fore stock onto yur hand and look through the scope at something an watch the reticle jump up and down with your heart beat.

    This is why prone target shooters use a thick/stiff glove to insulate the rifle from you pulse.

    Turn the magnification up on a variable and see it get bigger even though it's actually the same amount of movement.

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    the wobbble will always be there i do have a target system called scatt that will show the trace on a pc in real time, shot etc , a glove wont insulate the pulse from a rifle, as your other hand is in contact as is your cheek and shoulder, if you look on the web there are example traces showing the heart beat, how to avoid it is something totally different, training and practice helps but not sure how valid it is for stalking, execpt the usual excitment for newcommers


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    I whole heartedly agree with TomD. I shot off hand 500M com using a scoped rifle. You could always tell the people who were using too much scope because they would (using a common term on the firing line) "over correct" their wobble. Yes. The wobble is always there but the over correction goes away with scopes of lesser magnification. I primarily shoot all of my big game of hand (no sticks or bipods, etc) and shoot nothing larger then 4X. Anything larger is just too difficult to master off hand in the field.~Muir

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