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Thread: Butler Creek Sizing or alternatives

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    Butler Creek Sizing or alternatives

    Im after some for a S&B 8x56 but they get a bad rep.
    Any alternatives or anyone any idea what size to get?
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    Try the bushwhackers much more flexible the B.C caps

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    No 47 for obj & no14 for eye but i would recommend you have a look at the accucover

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    I''ve had a job getting Butler Creek big enough for a 56mm objective lens, the largest generally available size is 61mm and these need a bit of insulating tape on the scope to get a fit but the next size down is just a wee bit too tight. I might have a look at the Bushwackers. BK don't ever take that video clip off

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    I have the Hawke covers on my S&B 8x56 sizes 7 & 3.
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    butler creek are badly made with cheap tatty materials, I broke mine again last time I was out that's probably 6 or 7 in the last 3 or 4 years. I will not be buying any more from them and am looking for alternatives for the same scope.

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    I just ordered some Accucovers this evening as I have given up on Butlercreeks.

    If these dont work, I'll go back to the bikini covers that came with my scopes.

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    i was recommended butler creek blizzard cover's
    you can see through them without opening .
    seem to be better made and more durable than the standard one's.

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