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Thread: Gatco v Lansky

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    Gatco v Lansky

    I'm considering purchasing one of the multi stone sets as produced by the above. Is there any benefits of one over the other and is it worth lashing out on one of the 'deluxe' kits, which to me appear to be no different other than including some addition grades of stone, which I understand can be purchased separately in any event (at least for the lansky).

    I've a set of lansky butchering knives and some nice other bits and pieces that I don't want to trash trying to use my diamond stone (I always seem to struggle to keep the angle consistent). If I do get one of the sets mentioned, would a 25 or 30 degree angle be better for larder knives?



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    Get yourself a large DMT stone mate they are the dogs danglies.


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    I use the edge pro,its worth a look nothing comes close to this.
    US Hand Knife Sharpening Systems | Edge Pro System

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    I've used a DMT guide kit for nearly 20yrs now - keeps a perfect angle/edge on all my knives from Mora to my Geoff Hague..


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    Check out the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker.

    By far the best edge of all the sharpeners I have tried - including Lansky and Chef Pro.

    Loads on youtube in including here


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    Sharpening knives is just about maintaining a consistent angle. You can spend alot or a little on flat stones, but it won't make any difference if you can't maintain an angle.

    I would suggest that if you're reasonably good with your hands you should be able to get good results with one of the "V" sharpening systems, such as the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker mentioned above. As the video in the link demonstrates, you simply hold the blade vertical and run it down the rods. I use the Lansky Four Rod Turnbox system, which is a bit cheaper but works on the same principle. I personally don't think there's much between the different versions.

    If you're really not confident using a V rod set up you might want to try one of the systems that holds the blade at a predetermined angle and hence eliminates the potential for operator error. However, these are a bit fiddly in my opinion and are unneccessary if you can use a V rod system. I would at least try the V rods before you lash out on anything else. They may be all you need.

    As to angle, my larder knives are Victorinox and have very shallow, flat ground, blades. I sharpen them at 20 degrees.

    One last think is don't forget to strop the blade after you've used the stones. That is often the difference between sharp and laser sharp.


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    Thanks for the info gents. Unfortunately, I seem to develop the steadiness of a geriatric alcoholic when I'm trying to maintain a constant angle, so a fixed angle kit is what I'm after!

    Some of those suggested look fantastic, but even the DMT is a bit more than I was wanting to spend, especially if the gatco/lansky will do a decent job.

    Dovebob, out of interest, what sort of strop do you use and how do you go about it?


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    I have a piece of leather stuck to a piece of wood. Just strop the blade down the leather at the same angle that you've used to sharpen it. It takes microscopic burs and other bits of metal away from the edge, leaving just the very sharp edge behind.



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