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Thread: new to the 243 scene

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    new to the 243 scene

    hi i am new to the 243 scene i bought my self a remi 700 with a T8 mod and it seems to work well i have a unnamed glass n her and doesnt seem to move so set up is sound . i shot my first pair of fallow this week at around 120 yrds and was clean .now last night i shot 2 foxes at around 100 yrd mark and bugger me a 80gr shell almost tore them in to to halfs win 80gr soft point .love this new shooting.

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    oh dear

    Oh Dear I really feel for you. You've suffered both addictions in the same week. Theres no going back now

    Well done on the fallow and especially the foxes at this time of year. With regards to the foxes dead is dead and you wont mangle all of them. I used to use 95gr soft points and it didnt always mangle them, always killed em tho.

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    you are right deer/fox caught up now lol mangled fox i am not worried about was just realy surprised to see the damage at least its clean kill i shot both same place head on in chest and the exit was 3/4 of the way down the back takeing all with it savage .but at least its 2 more foxes off the ground .spotted a lovely fallow stag big trophy on him and 4 does with him for another day thou .

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    You're right SDD - sounds like he's got it bad - poor fellow

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    welcome to our world ....... it only gets better !

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    Quote Originally Posted by bignoel
    ....spotted a lovely fallow stag.....

    Termonoligy.......Fallow Buck, not a Stag...

    Not having a go, just educating.


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    well done big fella hows that dog????????

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    Yep, the 243 is definitly addictive - I love mine, especially as it puts my favourite meat in the freezer, and puts Charlie beyond any hope of ever chasing rabbits or chickens again on my shoots!

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