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Thread: Sako L461 Bolt stop Spring

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    Sako L461 Bolt stop Spring

    The bolt stop spring on my L461 (1964 vintage) has fractured so I am after another one.
    It is made from spring steel; 0.67mm diameter.
    One suggeston has been to get hold of a beetle spinning lure and use the wire from that.
    I am waiting to see if Richard Pope has anything.
    Any other ideas?

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    Go see richard. As I said on bbs forum. He has bags of springs up in his workshop. He just put a new spring in the trigger.
    Of my 17 rem m595

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    Mine broke on my L579 in the midlle of a competition. (presume it is of similar design)
    I made myself a new one from spring steel. Not too difficult.

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