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Thread: Cg triggers for tikka 595

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    Cg triggers for tikka 595

    Hi guys,
    Thought I would Stir some grey matter and ask if anyone knows where I can get a cg trigger for a tikka 595, new or second hand I don't mind.

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    Speak to Jackson Rifles, specific trigger for 5xx/6xx models and for T3's.


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    Cheers for the reply mate, I called them a while back and all they had left was one that had no safety provision and said there were no more coming, hence I'm still looking.

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    Hi Scott,

    Sorry - can't help you source a CG trigger, but I had my Tikka 590 trigger sorted out by Callum at PRS years ago and its great now. If you draw a blank on a replacement I'd check out some of the better riflesmiths out there and just get it fettled.


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    +1 What Haggis said.... the "CG" Triggers changed design a couple of years ago, and the newer model is not being made for the Tikka or Sako ranges anymore. You could Google Whidden Gunworks in the USA for latest info on them, as it is now a couple of years since.

    My 595 and 695 have been fettled and give very acceptable performance for stalking rifles, although definitely not Jewell and maybe thats not such a bad thing either.
    Redmist did the 695, and Dasherman did the 595. MUCH less expensive than going with a replacement trigger too.

    BTW, if you run across a Jard trigger, my advice would be to leave it alone, Dasherman tried for much too long to fit one to a Sako 75, and couldn't get it to work safely at any less let off pressure than the factory unit. The Sako trigger had a spring change and polished, and it also works just fine and Safely.

    Good luck with yours.

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    Thanks guys!!
    Good to see a few of my fellow sussex stalkers on here!!!

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