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Thread: Rabbit and Fox reduction

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    Rabbit and Fox reduction

    Hi Guys looking for a shooting buddy

    I have an amount of rabbit and fox control to maintain in south east kent, looking for a shooting buddy.

    Really looking for a ultra reliable person with a open certificate with a safe experience of rifle work. and also honest and not looking to steal the shooting goes without saying.

    Calibres from .22 RF up to .243 ish , main use will be for Rabbit and Fox reduction.

    Sounds good ------ here comes the downside, the times will be varied in the week and weekend,the shooting will be post glassing out areas before and sitting out most of the time I very rarely lamp from a vehicle, as some of the fox work is secondhand rose particularly at lambing time etc, and roaring around in a landrover and lamp is not the way I do things.

    My way is a controlled quiet management, no gung ho attributes required here.

    Would be quite happy to show someone who has a genuine interest in safe, considerate rifle providing you have all the relevant licencing etc and I guess insurance like BASC etc.

    I can share some good shooting with the right person, you must be safe and considerate, and if you can shoot straight a bonus

    and I might buy the odd cup of tea as well.

    Any genuine interest only please PM me a contact number and we can discuss, it is an all year thingy, long term as much as you wish to do, you can have as many rabbits as you wish.


    PS I will be away most of this week and weekend, please leave a message and I will get back to you asap

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    Wish i was closer philip sounds like a very good offer that i do miss my rabbiting, lamping them was my favourite as well as early mornings .
    Hardly a rabbit around on the land i have for shooting, i will have to make the effort to find some. DF

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    You may find yourself a bit over gunned with that 300rum for rabbits .

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowy View Post
    You may find yourself a bit over gunned with that 300rum for rabbits .

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    Hi Guys

    Many thanks for the feed back and enquiries, position has now been filled.


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