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Thread: Skinning Muntjac

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    Skinning Muntjac

    We have been shooting rather a lot of these recently and I decided to skin one for the freezer. It was a young buck and although I should know better I thought "that wont take too long", the result as usual was a carcass looking like it was attacked by a puma!

    I have tried to do them hot, cold, old, young and they are all buggers - no wonder the game dealers dont like them.

    Have any of you tried the air line method of blowing the skin off? We do it with fallow and it works really well.

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    There is no easy way mate, but I find that slicing the skin down the line of the spine with a gut hook or tripe knife helps. The skin then comes off in two strips but you will still have flank meat attached to the skin and not the animal!

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    Sorry but I know how you feel. My hands ache just thinking of fighting the skin off those little buggers. If they didn't taste so good!

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    I find hanging them head up helps.

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    my preferred method is to get someone else to do it. Never had an easy one.

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    Pete-couldn't agree more...!

    Unlacedgeko - that's how I did the buck I shot with Pete, and fond the skin comes away from the flank a lot better.

    I think one of the problems is you can't use the the weight of the carcase to pull the skin away, line you can with other species.

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    So been there. Had a Muntjac, & Roe doe to do last time out, and after doing the Muntjac first, struggled to face doing the Roe. Had a chat with my God son, who mentioned hearing about people using compressed air to part the skin.

    So, on with the compressor, and using a 24" air duster rod, skinned the Roe in minutes (I'm still very much the novice !)

    I'm hoping the same method with work on Muntjac next time.

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    the toughness of munty neck hide never ceases to amaze me
    I can unzip just about any other deer with a tripe knife or such like, but when it comes to the munty it takes a fair bit of effort - and the knives I use on the little blighters always need a re-hone afterwards

    What's this with the airline? Anyone got a video?

    I'm with BH, if they didn't taste so good, I'm not sure I'd bother - just pass them on and let the dealer take the hassle
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Try David Strettons skinning method, works well.

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    Only in America!

    Thanks guys as I thought no easy way - well the rest will go to the game dealer and we will keep the fallow and roe.

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