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Thread: New .270

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    New .270

    Looking for new stalking rifle and had a notion for stainless synthetic Sako 85.Handled one for first time yesterday and thought it too lightweight for the calibre [only my first impression] I have a T 3 .243 laminated and prefer the 'feel'of that stock .My other choice was the Mannlicher pro hunter.
    Should I try the 85 laminated or go for the Mannlicher ?
    Where is the price difference between Sako and Tikka to be honest I can't see where this comes from.
    Your thoughts appreciated

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    Go for the Sako - I don't know anyone who's bought one and regretted it. Can't say the same for the Pro Hunter. Whether to go for laminated or synthetic is very much a personal choice. You'll probably shoot better with the one you feel most comfortable with.

    The only real difference between Tikka and Sako is the finish.

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    I bought the sako 85 in 6.5 x 55. It is fantastic, shot great groups straight out of the box, I have not seen anything I would prefer. due to a screw up in the order I asked for synthetic and stainless , when they opened th box in the shop after a four month wait it was wood and non stainless, ended up getting it at cost 800 pounds, wouldnt change it now, put a swarovski on it and you will not want for anything else
    good luck

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    Another vote for the sako 85, nicely made ,and shoot fantastically out of the box, I,m not sure about the pro hunter mk2 but the mk1 certainly had some rather bad feedback regarding the flexi forend .

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    Your right the synthetic stock is too light for the calibre, definately go for the laminate stock, in your chosen calibre (.270). The old 75 stocks were 1/4 - 1/3Kg heavier and better quality.

    Regards Highlander

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    highlander is right the stock on the 75 is a work of art compared to the 85 .
    i would think mc millan will have a after market stock soon.

    also the 85 s/s is by far a finer rifle than styer or the like ,if you what more weight add some lead onto the stock to counter balance the mods or bi pods.
    a cheek ease will also help.

    buy the sako ..

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    Looks like the laminated 85 then .

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    mullbiker out of interest are you going to have a mod on the 270

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    T8 will be fitted would'nt use without one .

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    Hi Mullbiker,

    I have a Sako 75 Stainless sythetic in .243 and a sako 85 stailness sythetic in.270.

    Having both I do prefer the 75 stock.. It's better build and is a fantastic bit of kit with the Swarovski scope I have fitted.

    That said... I love the 85 and changes to the rifle i.e an improved mag release and the removal of the bolt locking mechanism on the 75.

    I've had no problems at all with the rifle and have spent hours at the ranges and in the field on Roe and Red with both rifles.

    I had a ASE UTRA mod fitted to the 85 and i'm able to obtain fantastic groups over the distances I shoot.

    Drop me a PM if you want to discuss further

    Robbo 25

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