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Thread: beaten .222

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    beaten .222

    anyone have an old beaten up .222 in (ideally) sako or brno or cz..looking for something really nasty for a restoration project I can have some fun with and maybe even get to look decent and shoot straight with a lot of elbow grease and work put into it.

    any offers please pm me.

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    Hi PKL.
    I have a nice CZ in .222 think its a 527 can't remember you could ring Lee and ask him, or I could,
    I sent it to Border for a .17 Furball Barrel in November, still waiting, given up,
    been using my 22 K Hornet instead so don't fancy the 17 Furball anymore, anyway bought another .223 Rem Howa HB Stainless, 22-250 SAKO and a .338 WinMag Tikka, so plenty to play with just now. The CZ trigger is smooth as silk, you can get it done/rebarreled at Border (as its already there or get them to send it to your RFD) I just want back what it stands me 150
    cheers FlyBoy270

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