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Thread: Part trained cocker or springer

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    Part trained cocker or springer

    Has anyone got any contacts for the above

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    I have a solid liver Cocker dog, just turned 2, superbly bred, very loyal, lovely little dog. 550

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    got a nine month black and white springer dog well bred unspoilt 500 regards pete .

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    Both the above sound like they are worth looking at but if they arent in the right place etc you could try

    uk gundogs (put it into google)

    Was a lady in Scotland selling a nice springer the other day, wasnt going to make a trials dog. Usually a few to choose from on there.

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    my mate Allan Atkinson occasionally has dogs for sale. Nots usre if he has anything at the moment. If you google the name his website will come up. I think it might be against the rules if I posted it.


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    I can recomend Alan too,
    his dog sired my two.

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    If you're in Derbyshire try Jon Bailey at Churchview Gundogs, a very good trainer and nice chap to boot.

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    thanks to everyone for the contacts.

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