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Thread: 22-250, .223, .222, etc case wanted

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    22-250, .223, .222, etc case wanted

    I was wondering if any kind souls out there would have an old 22 centrefire case they would be able to send me?
    Looking for a fired (unsized) case of any brand or description.

    I plan to use it as a rim gauge for some .22lr rounds and my sized .243 cases are just that little bit too large and produce erratic results.


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    Have quite a qty of .223/.556

    PM me how to get some to you - as you are local-ish to me may drop them off (be cheaper than the Post Office!!)

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    all sorted, thanks Jon.
    Nice to meet you.

    Case fits like a glove, almost designed for the job!

    I have started my .22 rim measuring and it has produced some interesting results.
    will post them up for the measuring geeks

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    Do you want some 22.250 or are you cool with what you have?

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    I would be interested in one if you can be bothered, if only to add to the collection.
    but the .223 one I got from Saddlet works a charm for measuring .22lr rims. whether it makes a blind bit of difference to the POI is another story!

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    Right oh. I'm abroad at the moment. I'll contact you when I get home.

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