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Thread: Fox in a Larson trap looks a bit miffed!!!

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    Fox in a Larson trap looks a bit miffed!!!

    My mate sent this pic through today.

    He has a Larson trap in his garden coz the maggies are tearing his thatched roof to bits and this vixen dropped in for an easy meal!!

    He got a chap we know to call round and they got her into a bag to take away and dispatch, but she put up a hell of a fight!! You can see where she bent the cage trying to bite her way out too!!

    Anyone seen it happen before? I'm not sure how Larson traps work but I thought it would be difficult to get in there once it's triggered?!
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    Looks like the magpie is still alive which surprises me considering it's neighbour. I've had a magpie dead probably through shock at a fox trying to get in.

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    Yes it has happened to me a few times , once got a left and right with 2 half grown cubs

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    i have a picture of one with a Cairn terrier in it!
    sneaky sod had gone round the house to the field and jumped in!

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    poor girl, doesn't look very happy...whilst I shoot fox, that just looks depressing.

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    I bet it scared the Magpies away!

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    had it a few times with cubs over the years not yet this season. its been crap for maggies this year pulled mine to the home paddock for a while .

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    cool photo heard this happens quite alot

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    its not rare , be aware that you cant trap magpies because their pulling your thatch about

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