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Thread: 50% Funded DSC 1's in Cumbria

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    50% Funded DSC 1's in Cumbria

    BASC are running two DSC 1 courses in Cumbria which Cumbria Woodlands ( are 50% Match funding eligible candidates. In essence the DSC 1 course will only cost 145 per eligible candidate. The funding is available to people who live or work in Cumbria and who:

    Own/manage a woodland
    Work in forestry
    Want to work in forestry

    For further details of how to access the funding please contact Clare at Cumbria Woodlands
    Tel: 01539 822140

    Alternatively you could contact myself at BASC
    Peter Marshall

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    There are still a few funded places left on the two DSC 1 courses in Cumbria. Funding is also available for those who are, or are wanting to work towards their DSC 2.

    This includes BASC's Intermediate Deer Course Contact BASC for further details and booking information, and contact Cumbria Woodlands if you would like to get funded to do it.

    The intermediate course is a great way of getting supervised culling experience.

    Many thanks, Peter
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    Funding is still available for both Level 1 and Level 2 training for stalkers and woodland managers living in Cumbria.

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    There are still some funded places left for stalkers or those with a view to becomming stalkers who live in Cumbria. This includes DSC 1, BASC intermediate courses and other deer management training opportunites

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