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Thread: Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 IR

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    Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 IR

    I looked at one of these at the Bisley show , while looking at the 100 yard target numbers i noticed that if you looked off center the scope was not in focus ,i pointed this out to one of the Zeiss team who said it may have had a nock , any way a few weeks back i decided to buy one , it suffered with exactly the same problem on any magnification and any distance the center is ok the edges are not ,so i compared a bushnell 3-12x56 , and a Hawke panorama using the same magnification 4 on all scopes and the same tree both the cheapies were in focus to the edges , not the zeiss though ,
    The zeiss was returned to them and they said they were not able so fix the poor sight picture so it was going back to Germany , got it back the other day with a report stating
    The rifle scope corresponds in all pointsour specification,
    The type and extent of th peripheral blurring found by you corresponds to the given specification,it was deliberately accepted in the optical design in favour of a large field of view and cannot be changed ,
    it is very dissapointing that with my slightly ageing eyes a chinese scope appears to have trumped Zeiss ,
    Moan over !! any one had the same type of issue ?? ,not sure of what to do next though ,

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    I have the 3-12x50 never noticed anything wrong with it !

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    ive got one of them scopes mate and mine does not suffer from that issue ,you sure your eyes are ok ????

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    I don't own one, but yesterday I met the Zeiss rep, and asked to look throught this very scope.
    I certainly didn't notice any problems like that with it, although it doesn't match my Classic Diavari 2.5-10x50.


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    just got one of these no probs with mine

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    Thanks for these comments , perhaps the old eyes are wearing out !!!, will perhaps get some younger eyes to take a look

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    Could it be the case that those with younger/stronger eyes are sub-consciously correcting the blurring that you are unable to?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    Could it be the case that those with younger/stronger eyes are sub-consciously correcting the blurring that you are unable to?
    Possible, but my eyes are 54 and on their way out, I never saw anything wrong with the optics.


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    Hi mate,

    I have the same model and noticed it is fairly blurry around the edges, particularly on the lower mags (worst on 3x). Haven't had the scope long and always wondered if anyone else had the same issue!


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    got 2 of them,

    no issues here, i have glasses and i use the scope with or without. and found them to be cracking bits of kit.

    i would suggest you contact zeiss uk and send it back, or just try spec-savers

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