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Thread: Swarovski rangefinder binos

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    Swarovski rangefinder binos

    Seriously considering the new Swarovski rangefinder binos, I have had Swarovski all my stalking life and have been very pleased with them,i really dont think you can beat them,but I am concerned about light loss on last light as with all rangefinder binos.all feedback would be gratefully

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    not seen any problem with mine, excellent optics with the bonus of a rangefinder... win win

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    Accounted for the first two bucks at the weekend using my 10x42s ,one at 70y and the other 145y.Swarovski claim that there is 91% light transmission on both sides.Attachment 15577

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    Made short work of these 3 does on my 10x42's first trip out:

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