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Thread: Starting Again from Scratch :)

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    Starting Again from Scratch :)

    OK so I am now registered on the Norwegian hunters register after living here for nearly 2 years Now I have to decide what calibre's I want to ask my local Politi for! I think I can ask for 6 different Calibres of long rifle and have 6 months to purchase them.
    When I was stalking in the UK I was a .270 man but seem to be leaning the way of 6.5x55 now !!
    So come on lets hear what you would buy and why ???

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    I worked in Norway for about 3 years and i found one of the most popular calibres was the 30.06. Having said that there were plent of bigger ones in use as well.

    I am sure ther will be plenty of people with different opinions but the general thinking amongst the guys i knew was that the 06 was the smallest calibre they felt adequate for big moose.

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    .270 is a great all round calibre but unless you are going to re-load have you checked availbility of ammo?

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    I would agree - ammo or reloading supply availability would be a major factor in my deciding which cartridge to buy a rifle in and not just availability in your local area but also in the areas where you hope to shoot. If, as Redneck says, most people have a 30-06 then I'd be buying a 30-06 as well as in the end you want to spend your time and cash shooting rather than in searching for a shop to sell you ammo or in paying for some obscure ammo that costs a fortune.
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    Hi Karl, they have changed the rules recently. You now have 12 months to purchase the firearms/parts that you have been granted permisssion to buy. Depending on what you are planning to hunt, the big 3 in Norway are 6,5x55 , 308 Win or 30-06 Springfield. Feel free to PM me if you wish, I have lived here close on 20 years.
    ATB Toby

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    you wont go wrong with the 6,5x55, i got 3 of them

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