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    Hello All

    After chancing upon the forum several weeks ago, I've decided to take the plunge and sign up. So as per the rules I'll tell you a bit about myself:

    I'm 26 and I currently live in Bedfordshire, athough I'm orginally form Leicestershire. I've been shooting airguns for as long as I can remember and been pheasant / driven game shooting for six years now with the occasional pigeon and clay sessions between seasons. When I'm not shooting I also like to catch the occasional fish and spend the rest of my time trianing my dogs. Otherwise, I have a keen interest in nature and wildlife.

    Although I've always wanted to give stalking a go, the impetus came when I got the opportunity to go "hunting" whilst in Texas. There I got the opportunity to harvest a White Tail buck and a an Axis doe (both with the Ranch 22-250). Plus, I culled a 250lb feral pig with a .243. Although I understand their "hunting" is a lot different from our stalking, however it has given me the bug and I'd like to get involved in stalking here.

    I'm currently studiusly studying for my DSC level 1 which I hope to take in the next few months. After which I hope to get some stalking and apply for my FAC, which hopefully to coincide with the renewal of my shotgun certificate.

    I've probably bored you enough now. I look forward to conversing with you all.

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    Welcome to the site Quercus.

    Sounds like you like the outdoors and now you`ve got the bug.

    Don`t be scared to get stuck in and ask away with any questions, it doesn`t matter how daft it is, that`s what we are here for, to help.


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    Thanks wadashot.

    I certainly have lots of questions. I'm also new the the the whole online forum thing, so here goes....

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    Wecome to the site, your experiences in Texas would be good fodder for the articles section as many, if not most of us will not have been there.

    Also there is a thread about how you pick your online name, how did you come to pick the mighty Oak might I ask?

    Get stuck in.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I which case I shall look forward to telling you all about my experience across the pond.

    As for the name, not that exciting really: I was having imagination failure when I signed up and I was looking out of the window for inspiration. Only two things stood out but after much debate with myself I decided that Quercus had a bit more of a ring to it then Rusty Old Land Rover!

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