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Thread: stealth moderator

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    stealth moderator

    hi all,i'm looking for a stealth moderator, same as the one below. if the new owner

    of that mod hasn't used it after all, would you please get in touch. if the stealth's are unavailable

    i would consider something similar as long as its strip able

    atb, mike
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    You will not get a new Stealth, the guy who made them stopped and went selling some super gun oil, two other mods that are similar are the original A-Tec over barrel and the Jager Arms, ranger mod, both only available second hand now.



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    I have a viper evo 8 mod, made in bradford.

    its strippable, and he does replacement parts.
    not for sale but its something else to look for,

    just checked swillington do them for 250
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    OK thanks for the replies, i just wanted a second hand one and was hoping someone on here
    might of had one

    atb, mike

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