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Thread: On Ebay

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    I know the area well, 4 guns at £565 each, total £2260 for 400 acres.

    Sounds very expensive to me, and thatís being polite.

    Best rgds


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    This was advertised on ebay last year too, so people dropped out.

    It does sound a tad expensive but someone will pay it.

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    Just curious, what would be a fair price?


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    With stalking leases with the F.C costing what? £1.70ish per acre, it looks as if this guy is going to be making a good deal of cash out of this syndicate.

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    High bracken and narrow verges ,a bit of rough heather a wee loch +trees getting thicker every year ??? All on 400 acres .

    Going to be a job finding space to shoot .

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    Look at his feed back on ebay

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    Well spotted Bonnie !!!

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    £5.65 an acre with cliff face stalking, and most opens areas will be hidden by 4ft high bracken in the summer, and that sh**hole sanquhar is the coldest foggiest place on the planet, even in the summer.

    The advertiser is oblivious of the credit crunch as well.

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