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Thread: level 2 passed

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    level 2 passed

    I've just got the post today & found a letter from BASC when I opened it inside was my level 2 portfolio & Certificate to I have passed it along with a badge & some other paper work.
    I would like to say a big thanks to David (6pointer) who I did two of my stalks with on has great land. Kieth for doing the third stalk on my land. two great lads Thanks again


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    Congratulations! I've only got as far as getting my portfolio so far. Must be a relief to get it all over with

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    Congratulations, ATB Rich

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    its been a long time getting sorted but all over with lol well worth doing it & David & Kieth great lads

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    Well done mate!
    Must be a great feeling when you finally complete it and send it in!
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    Well done Kevin and i will bet you never get any stalks witnessed by the strathclyde police armed response unit lol

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    Lol David at least they could see my shooting was ok lol.
    How's thing up your end. Thanks again for the great day I had with you the roe & your land is outstanding :-)

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    well done mate, looking forward to getting mine finished!


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    Nice one, mine is still ongoing.Atb, Jim.

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    thanks all I should have sent it in last year but I held it back as I wanted to make sure it was right lol

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