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Thread: The Ultimate Lamp : Speaker HID Xenon Handheld : Daylight colour impression

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    The Ultimate Lamp : Speaker HID Xenon Handheld : Daylight colour impression

    This is the next best lamp to the MaxaBeam. I bought this from the States a couple of years ago. It is the best lamp I have used. The 12V light is incredibly powerful and lights up the area in a natural blue/white light - unlike halogen which produces a brown light. You will see what I mean if you compare the two. Importantly it shows the colours of what you are shooting at and not silhouettes. It also shows what is round and about your target.

    The Lamp has been used for probably no more than 30 hours and with an element lifespan of 4,000 there is plenty left for your lamping outings for the next 10 years at least.

    I am selling for 1/2 the price of what it cost me which was 400 plus postage from the States. So for 200 someone will get a good bargain. Condition is good with a few scratches comensurate with use. I know its a lot of your hard earned dosh for a lamp but with a lightforce 240 costing 120 new, this one is 80 more. ......but 4-5 times the lamp that the lightforce is. The build quality is second to none and can't be compared to a lightforce. Please take a minute to read the product description below or click the url and visit the website. If you live near Greenock you can come by and see for yourself - bring your own halogen along and you can see what I'm talking about. I will send by courier and I will bear the cost. Payment by PayPal or cash on collection.

    Many thanks for your interest.

    Please PM me if you want to ask me any questions.

    From the website : Oviedo Safety Lights - JW SPEAKER MODELS 8470 and 9770 HANDHELD HID Handheld SPOT LIGHTS for Search and Rescue or Snowplow Use

    Although it states $550, click the option box on the website and you will see that the HID costs an extra $75 on top.

    JW SPEAKER MODEL 9770 : HANDHELD SPOTLIGHTS Hand Held Spotlight offers daylight brighness. Model 9770 High Intensity Discharge Spotlight produces white light with daylight color impressions at 4 to 5 times illumination of halogen lamps. At 2.5 million-candle power, light emitted makes objects more recognizable up to 5 miles. Unit is constructed of industrial-grade materials, with stainless steel hardware and high-impact chemical-resistant housing. Since Xenon bulb has no filament, there is no breakage from shock and vibration. Service life is up to 4,000 hrs. These HID handheld spotlights feature industrial grade construction and high-impact/chemical-resistant housing. They are sealed against water, dust and corrosion (IP68 rated). A 12-foot coiled cord with cigarette plug fits into most vehicle receptacles. HID provides "Daylight Color Impression" (blue/white light), four to five times more light and ten times the life of standard Halogen handheld units. Applications: Agricultural, Construction, Ground Support, Marine, Mining, Public Safety & Recreational Light Source: Replaceable Beam Assembly (Glass Lenses)

    These dimensions are in inches.
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