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Thread: Witnessed stalking next week

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    Witnessed stalking next week

    Hello guys,

    I have one ICR to do to complete my portfolio and would really like to do it early next week.

    If you have availability ( last minute cancellations ?) on Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd next week I'd like to fit in 3 or 4 stalks and hopefully get a cull buck on the ground to complete my folder.

    I'm based near Meopham, Kent and happy to travel 200-250 miles, further if need be, to get the stalking in.

    I know it's a tall order and if nature is against me so be it although I'd like to give it a good try.

    Please pm me if you have a few bucks that you think might oblige.

    Thank you

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    Hi Andy,

    I cant help becasue we are fully booked but on the off chance if you call Peter Jagger from Six Churches in Suffolk he can probably help.

    Top bloke fantastic guide and lots and lots of deer on his ground.

    I did my level 2 with him, he is thorough but fair. He does ask some tough questions however.
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    try sending a pm to sikamalc

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    Hi Andy,

    We are based in Hampshire. If we can help please do get in touch.


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    Hi Andy,

    i will be availiable all next week until friday.
    give me a phone

    joe mobile 07786476609

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