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Thread: muntjac or roe

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    muntjac or roe

    It was a nice evening so i decided to go for a stalk in hope of culling a Roebuck or a Muntjac buck . The wind was cold, blowing from the north though it was strong enough to cover most of the noise i was making as i slowly made my way through the wood. Looking ahead i could see a Muntjac
    ,i moved a tree closer and scanned with the binos . Nothing! i decided to hold my position and wait for any signs of movement , i gave it 5 minutes and decided to move forward . As i did i watched not one but two Muntjac rapidly depart. Time was getting on so i decided to stalk to a high seat and have the last hour in it . The ride that led to the high seat was between two blocks of 15 year old pines that had been thinned out, as i slowly stalked down the ride looking down the racks , i spotted a Muntjac buck(best head i have seen ) walking towards me . I was up on the sticks waiting for him to offer a shot , he got within 80 m of me and promptly lay down , through the scope i could see cover in front of him , the only thing to do was wait . A police car with its siren
    on came past ,this caused the buck to stand up ! and then he lay down again ! The light was beginning to fade and i was in a bit of a dilema should i
    give him a shout and risk him moving away from me, or try and crawl so i was looking directly down the rack he was in ? I decided to give it more time . I then heard a sound i eventually recogonised as a deer banging a feeder , i couldn,t see the hopper or the deer . Then suddenly a Roebuck appeared walking across the racks towards the Muntjac untill the Roebuck was standing over the Muntjac , as the Roebuck turned broadside i fired and watched him drop on the spot . He was a nothing special 4 point buck , on the way home a had a pint and re lived the stalk , what a most enjoyable night i had.


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    Nice one mate ,he will be there for another day hopefully .

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    Nowt like being spoilt for choice you lucky man .

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    well done chill123, I thought you were going to say the Roebuck landed stone dead on top of the Muntjac, killing it a well, now that would be a story for all time, would it not!!

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    Nice write up Chris well done mate. Any pictures or is that a bit technical

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