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Thread: Woohoo!! passed my DSC1 today.

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    Woohoo!! passed my DSC1 today.

    I sat my DSC1 today at Greenlee in Hexham.
    I started on Friday and finished it Sunday afternoon.

    Very enjoyable and I learned a lot from Jon Snowdon and Laurie Walton the assessor.

    I would highly recommend anyone who is local to Hexham to goto Greenlee, it's a very relaxed and friendly environment with good training practices and equipment.

    Obviously I haven't received the official confirmation or cert but I am 100% confident of a pass.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and words of advice on recognition etc.
    It definitely helped

    I just need to sort out my gralloch and then its DSC2 for me

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    Well done chief.

    You're on the way now. Qualification will only help your cause over time.

    Enjoy the moment!!

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    well done Steve,

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    well done mate,isnt it nice when you have finished it.

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    Well done mate, you must be as chuffed as a chuffed thing.
    I have yet to do mine, and if this recession carries on it won't be this year.


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    its suprising how much you dont know isnt it?

    I hear so many people saying they have been stalking x amount of years, we had one on out dsc1 course, he struggled with the safety and written tests.

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    Well done Steve - I don't know Jon but Laurie is definitely one of the good guys. And the preparation clearly paid off!

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    Congrats Steve, as the Mole says, preparation is always important. Well done, get a nice frame for the certificate. Cheers, Pete.

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