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    Fellas anybody know how yo cure squeaky boots I've got a pair of you no wats and they drive me mad I've tried dubbin 'oil on laces ect I'm now wondering of the squeak is coming from inside and not the tongue. Any clues?

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    Le Chameux by any chance??

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    Can you take them back?

    I bought a pair of relatively expensive hunting boots in the US, which started squeaking after a day or so. I called the shop and they suggested a variety of methods to stop the squeaking (which I tried to no avail), finally saying that it would stop with use. Twenty-five years later, they are still squeaking. It probably says a lot about me that despite being driven to distraction by the squeak (which doesn't seem to bother anything else including deer), I can't bring myself to throw them away.

    If you've still got a chance, get out now!

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    My started too and it was the base of the tongue. treated it with some lether feed and then dubbin and all quiet again.

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    Yep your right Le chameux I've got an idea!! I'm going to try and rub the tongue down with a bit of wire wool to see if it stop the rubbing if not there going in the bin I cannot send them back they are about 2 years old and still squeak I'll let you know how I get on. Chris .

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    Simply unlace them open the front and tongue out and clean carefully then treat the creases and area with dubbin or neats foot oil and it should stop it. An old stalker I used to go with down in Sussex, Tony, he had the same trouble but his boots wee of German make. It's something to do with the sewn in tongue and the way it's made to be water proof. As this was 20 years ago now I cannot recall the boots make perhaps Meindle? anyway poor ole Tony is gone now another victim of the big "C".

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    Sorry to hear about your oll mucker brit hunter but ive cured the dreadid le chams at the top of the boots where the white leather in att to the brown tongue thats where the sqeak is coming from so i sanded them roughly with a bit of sand paper job done no sqeaking at all. Ive gave them a good coating with a waterproof Gore Tex gear so happy days!!

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    Dubbin works wonders... If need be use a hair dryer to melt it into all the squeaky bits...

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