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Thread: Nice buck and a missed oppertunity

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    Nice buck and a missed opportunity

    Bumped a buck this morning on the way through the wood and im sure it was this fella who appeared later on, he was about 300yds well in range for the magnum but im not a fan of long range deer shooting so i had a bash at stalking him.
    The wind was in my favour but with the lack of cover and safe shot angles he had me beat and high tailed it to safety.
    No doubt if i had taken the shot from the seat he would be hanging up by now and the head off to fallom,oors for cleaning, but if lucks with me i'll catch up with him sooner or later i hope.
    Not the biggest i have seen around but a fair head on him very symetrical and tall but not much span, the vid dosn't do him any favours and when i was watching him throgh the 20 power scope he looked a belter. DF

    Best watched in hd full screen
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    You did the right thing he will be there again and like you said wind was in your favour meaning there was a good chance of bullet drift at that distance.

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    Good call. Stalking into a buck like that in the type of terrain you mention is a challenge but the one I would prefer to a long range shot. He will be there for another day.

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    Yes Davie there was a fair breeze and that was another factor i never took the shot, i paced it out it was about 265 yds to where he was this morning

    Not very scientific but this aftenoon i pegged two ballons out on sticks about the size of a roes vitals at 265 and 300 the first exactly where he was stood nxt to a wheeling

    Just aimed bang on and poped the first one took two shots for the one at 300 so maybe best i left him, like you say he will be ther another day.DF

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