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    Can anyone recommed a decent pair of gloves? Something that will keep you warm and dry, but still allow enough dexterity to pull the trigger confidently and do other intricate things?


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    I normally wear thin leather green flying ones, but when it is cold and wet I use these from Deben:
    Neoprene is great as it is still warm when wet!

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    Novice, I've got a couple of pairs that I've had for several years. The best are by Whitewater Outdoors- lovely gloves, but I still take the glove off every time before I squeeze the trigger. Cheers, Pete.

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    I'd stay clear of any neoprene ones if i were you,had one pair never again.

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    novice stalker try the new mac wet gloves
    very good for rifle or shotgun

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    I'd stay clear of any neoprene ones if i were you,had one pair never again
    Hear, Hear, they are godawful things.

    Dip your hands in an icy puddle when you go outside, they won't get cold again all day (it actually works!)

    Failing that the Sealand Beater glove is pretty good.

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    I use deerhunter RAM gloves. deepblueshooting have them reduced from 25 to 15 at the moment.


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    Hi Novice,

    I use gortex lined black leather army gloves available from army surplus stores and at game fairs for about 10. If they are good enough for the army they are good enough for me - keep your fingers warm and dry but like Downwind I take my glove off before I squeeze the trigger,


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    Agree with Frax re Ice cold water first thing.

    I use a pair of silk glove liners - very thin and very warm and still gives the dexterity to shoot with.

    Hand warmer pockets on your shooting jacket are an essential though.

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    I bought three or four pairs of CamoSkinz gloves last time I ordered from Cabela's, see:

    They're thin like the silk liner gloves, but camo

    If it's really cold I stick my hands in my pockets! Seriously, if I'm up a high seat then I use a pair of ex-army mittens (the fur-lined ones in DPM with the separate shooting finger) but take these off before I shoot.


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