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Thread: Minox 8x42 BR

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    Minox 8x42 BR

    Hi Guys,

    anyone got a set of the above? are they any good? can get a set brand new for 155

    Cheers Rob

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    Got a set of 10 x 42 ( ? ) and they are fantastic. Think I paid around 190 so your price seems about right. No hesitation in reccomending them at all.

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    i have those exact ones, they are very good for the money you pay! well built and perform well at low light as well as not being too heavy

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    I've got a pair as well. Really good value and optically well upto the job. 155 is not bad at all, think mine were 125 off fleabay 18 months ago - from somewhere in Europe, if I remember correctly.



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    I got mine from a camera shop in the USA via eBay for around 100. I had an issue with the strap falling apart and a screw cover fell off but I just email minox and they sent new ones. I find them bang on.

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    Very good peice of kit.Got mine 10x42 on ebay for 140 12 months ago.

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