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Thread: deer fence

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    deer fence

    For clarification what are the laws regarding shooting out of season roe deer that have been contained within a deer fence, in scotland

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    I dont think you would get a license to shoot out of season, you could shoot the bucks now but the does are heavily pregnant and may even have given birth. Why are they fenced in instead of out?

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    It happens I took a young buck last saturday out of a fenced plantation fortunately I didn't have your dilema, his sister was following him around just outside the fence.


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    What size plantation? Could you drop the fence and drive them out?

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    The full story is a mate and I have been asked to shoot deer that are behind the newly erected deer fence. The gates are open but there is a lot of cover and an abundance of food, they have just started to plant new trees so they need to go. I am under the impression that you can only shoot what is in season regardless of the enclosed fence, mate says you can shoot them all. Can anyone point out the legislation to prove either way.

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    We have a two areas both about 20acre the fence is at least 6ft and pegged
    At the bottom

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    To shoot females between 1st April and 31st August you will need to apply to SNH for a license, you will need to prove they are causing damage, and nothing other than shooting will prevent the damage.
    You will also be required to be on the fit and competant register.

    Go to the SNH or BASC websites you will find all the information there.

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    Thanks for all the advice, I take it that the marauding exemption only apply to the land owner or has that been scrapped.

    All I have to do is convince my mate that he is in the wrong

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    The law changed this year maruading exemption still applys under general licence for male deer, females may not be killed when they could have dependent young 1st April to 31st August in exeptional circumstances a license may be granted for females during this period but you must apply to SNH

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    Irespective of law killing mature does at this time of year is just wrong. I am not in the slightest squeemish about taking them late but to kill them when they have potentialy droped young just doesn't sit right with me.


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