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Thread: Thank you for advice on shooting sticks

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    Thank you for advice on shooting sticks

    After reading through multiple threads on here about constructing your own shooting sticks I decided to have a go.

    Here is the end result Shooting Sticks pictures by adjman - Photobucket

    Many thanks to the forum members who posted info in these, very easy to make and under 10 quid! Brilliant!
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    That is a neat job and I'm sure they will give you many years good service.

    One tip which I picked up here is to add a bit of rope or string that is about as long, or longer, than your sticks. Attach this around the area of your pivot point and tie some knots in the other end. When you go to shoot you can lean the sticks towards you and put a foot on the knotted end of this rope. When you push the sticks away from you into the vertical position this tensions up the rope and pulls the sticks tighter towards you and into the ground and it results in an even more steady shooting position. This seems to work best if you lock your elbow straight as the tension in the rope is acting against your arm to stop any back/forward sway which can make the shots fall higher or lower.

    It sounds much more complicated than it is so be sure to give it a try and see if it works for you.
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    nice work - I finished my sticks today too.

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