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Thread: Like for like variation?

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    Like for like variation?

    I'm looking to put in my variation for a new rifle I want. I want to trade in my .243 BSA for a new .243 tikka . Will my old rifle be taken off my fac immediately and a space made for a new one or does a stay on until I go and buy a new rifle? Is there a time limit on it? Any knowledge on this would be appreciated

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    7 days FOC then have to pay as I remember correctly

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    Pro, when you notify your licensing office of the transaction which must be done within 7 days, you need to enclose an accompanying letter and your FAC and explain that you want the previous authority for your old 243 to be retained, the authority will not be retained automatically.


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    L & B authorise the aquisition for the new rifle, with a condition that the old rifle is disposed of in whatever way ie sale, trade in etc., before or at the time the new rifles aquisition. There is no tome scale laid down for this to take place. I'd have thought the whole of Scotland would have worked under the same guidelines.


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