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Thread: Asleep in the garden.

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    Asleep in the garden.

    Woke up late a couple of Saturdays ago, opened the curtains and there, at the top of the garden was this small 4 point buck.

    He was curled up obviously knacked from barking at me the previous day.

    I grabed the camera - which stands in the corner on it's tripod - made a few adjustments. Height, rotation, apeture and ISO and stalked up

    the garden path in my mochasins. I got to 15 yards and framed him knowing he'd get up left to right. I got a few more as he ran up the hill.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	buckS.jpg 
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Size:	243.7 KB 
ID:	15601 Asleep Click image for larger version. 

Name:	buckS1.jpg 
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Size:	233.1 KB 
ID:	15603Alert Click image for larger version. 

Name:	buckS2.jpg 
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ID:	15604 Awake Click image for larger version. 

Name:	buckS3.jpg 
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Size:	244.9 KB 
ID:	15605 ..Gone

    He wasn't as panicked by the camera noise as I thought he'd be. Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 400mm F5.6

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    That's great mate nice pice

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    lovely job mate nice to see plnning on getting into some o this stuff myself beats lookin at dayed thangs most of the time

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    that's great, well spotted but I've a feeling most would have been thinking about grabbing something else before a camera!

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    Good skills. What a great garden you got. The best I get is a sparrow hawk n loads of magpies.

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    you dont have to kill everything you see .

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    Love the transition from photo 1 to 2... eye opens, ears ***** forward - ALERT!!

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    Yep -never shoot anything in your garden that you'd like to see come back. I'll see if i can dig out the images of the sika stag eating apples off my tree from last year.

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