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Thread: scope for .222 + zero distance

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    scope for .222 + zero distance


    what sort of scopes do you use for your .222's or .223's? variable, fixed, etc. what's popular on the objective bell end? do you tend to use basic rets or varmint/bdc or target turrets? why....

    what zero distance do you tend to use?

    to give you an idea, mine will be used 80% for fox and vermin 100 to 350 yds during evening and light night work, some rook/crow/bunny work too during the day. 20% for roe deer (yes in Scotland) within 200yds.

    just looking for what's popular and why and any thoughts on what might suit me (my budget does not stretch far, maybe 350 tops)

    thanks for your help.


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    Zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 on mine and zeroed half inch high at 100yrds.

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    id go for a schmidt and bender 8 x 56 point and shoot and drop at 300 in .223 is only around 12 inches

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    I have a bushnell legend 5-15x40 on my 222 and so does one of my shooting buddies. It is decent in low light and great under a lamp. The best bit is you can often pick them up on here or other forums as new for 120 ish, or you can get a new one for 195 + P&P from


    Would not hesitate to recommend this scope


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    S & B 6x42 on my .222 Tikka for lamping and stalking,A cracking combination for me.
    Atb john.

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    A Swarovski 8x50 us about perfect on 222, or a 2.5-10x42 or 50.

    No reason to "over-scope" a 222.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    S&b 8x56 on my .223 for foxes when lamping, also just got a conquest 4.5-14x50 for daytime long stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    id go for a schmidt and bender 8 x 56 point and shoot and drop at 300 in .223 is only around 12 inches
    +1 ,ive got it on my 243 and love it

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    meopta 7x50 fix mag.
    sit's on top of my t3 varmint.223.
    great,could'nt fault it.

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    Meopta 2100 3-12x50 with illuminated dot,picked it up on evilbay under 350,zero'd at 130 yards.

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