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Thread: First Roe Buck

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    First Roe Buck

    I’m a seasoned stalker having shot Muntjac, CWD and Fallow but my permissions do not hold Roe which is a little annoying as they are such a lovely looking animal. However following a conversation with a forum member I was given the opportunity to sit and stalk some land in the Cotswolds which holds Roe, Fallow and Muntjac. Fallow season over I was desperate to shoot a nice representative of a Roe buck.
    Up at 2 in the morning and off we went to arrive at the ground just before dawn. Gentle breeze and light drizzle but conditions looked good.

    We parked up and walked to one of the seats overlooking a small copse. As dawn broke I spotted a small group of does and as if from nowhere a Roe buck appeared but before I could get on it, it was off after the does and over the hill and away.
    Dawn broke and half an hour passed when we spotted a pair of Muntjac, we decided to leave them as I was there for a Roe buck and can shoot Muntjac back home.
    5 Muntjac were spotted and left when a nudge in my side directed me to another Roe buck moving over the brow of the hill in front of us and out of sight, moving to another block of wood to my left. We let it move off and 2 minutes later we climbed down from the seat and set off in search of the buck.
    After a 200 yard tip-toe along the field edge we rounded the base of the hill and stopped to glass the edge of the wood. We moved and glassed as we went until my partner spotted a flick of an ear and the head of a Row above the plants. We moved into a safe shooting position and glassed again.The buck was feeding along the scrub at the woodland edge and was just the deer I was looking for. Gun on the sticks I waited for the deer to move through the scrub, 6 or 7 minutes passed before he moved and turned. I shot and he dropped cleanly on the spot. Big smile on my face and a massive thank you to the forum member who made my spring.
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    well done the first of many for you

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    Congratulations fella, cracking looking Buck.

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