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Thread: hornady sst

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    hornady sst

    do many of you use hornady ssts and if so what do you think of them etc?

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    i use them for roe,243 95g 2900fps ish.shot 20+ deer since xmas including a few muntjac.have found them to be accurate and do what they are supposed to.head and neck shots show plenty of damage but not quite like btips or vmax and chest shots depends on how much bone you hit.accuracy better than minute of deer,seriously .5 inch or less on targets depending on the day.

    forgot to mention 1in 7 twist
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    good to know mash, ive got some to try in my .308

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    i have some for the 270, doubt I will use them on deer though. fox and paper I think
    the videos of carcase damage I have seen are fairly messy.

    I would never deliberately go out with rounds that I could only feasibly shoot head and neck with.

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    +1 on the 95 grain .243 load, very accurate in my tikka, i also used to the 130 grain sst load in my .270
    and they dropped some big reds with good expansion and little damage

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    Dunno myself but this kiwi chap seems to like em.
    .243 Winchester
    Wonder what they would be like in my 1 in 10 twist barrel as most heavier .243 doesn't do it for my Winchester.

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    i use 95 grain 243 and have found them accurate and i dont get much meat damage ive also tried them in 308 again good acuracy but only used on paper so far but dont see a problem with excessive damage

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    thanks for opinions guys, shouldnt be too long before i can find out firsthand too

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    just get a 1 in 8 twist and shoot 105 g amax

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    Ziggy i bet they will be very accurate in your rifle, my old sako loved them got regular haf inch groups with good velocity loaded with varget and 150sst's. and found them more accurate than the nosler 150's
    I only shot one deer with them before i sold the rifle and that was a necked so cant comment on meat damage, i know a lot of people on here swear by them. df

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