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Thread: New member from Aberdeenshire

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    New member from Aberdeenshire

    I have been told that I have to write the same things as I did before on my personal details as this is a requirement. Being a rapidly approaching 60 year old dinosaur as far as computer literacy is concerned , I can only hope, with what I am about to write here, that this will satisfy those concerned.
    As I have just stated , I will be turning 60 this year, I was a professional stalker for twenty years,and a part time professional for the past ten. I am now a Regional Representative for Holt's, the major gun auctioneers in the UK ,and also have another job with the NHS.

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    Fit like min,bin doon country for a lang time, bit am a Deeside loon originally, 60 ! yer nae muckle mair than a haflin yet

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    Aye aye min, see an enjoy yersel.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    wecome to s/d

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    60 is young these days Bon!

    Welcome aboard.

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    Aye Aye min, been a while. Missed your BDG banter!!!

    I thought you were 60, 5 year ago.....time flies!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sit back chillax and enjoy the crack!!!


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    Folk are richt freenly on here Bon.
    Welcome to the site and as for being 60 this year are ye sure as Remmy700 said at wisna 5 or 10 year ago
    The banter wis defo missed,need tae rectify at me thinksSome folk micht
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