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Thread: swarovski binoculars parts & end caps contact phone number

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    swarovski binoculars parts & end caps contact phone number

    Hi lads I bought a pair of Swarovski binoculars, they were missing the end caps a small threaded blanking plate. Does anyone I could obtain these? Or if they are even available separately? Any info would be great, any phone numbers of stockists of parts specific websites? They are not on their amin website unfprtunately. Many thanks

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    Contact Swarovski direct. They will probably send them to you free of charge.
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    ziess sent me a neck strap free of charge, i nearly bought one one ebay for silly money but got one free
    the binoculars were expensive but the service was fantastic
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    This is the contact details for Swarovski uk

    Phone: 0044-1737-856812
    Fax: 0044-1737-856885

    Hope this is of some use,found them great to talk to and very helpful

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    I bought my EL 8.5 x 42 binos some 10 years ago and almost immediately had to complain about the plastic sliders that cover the plastic stud where it goes through the loop on the binos because the plastic just cracked open and was useless. Today I rang the number given by Dave 67 above because this time, not only has the slider covers been defunct fo some years, now the double ended studs that go through the neck strap have started to break up with the consequential risk of them falling completely. Blow me down - they are going to send me another neck strap gratis. Fantastic. However, I cannot but wonder why Swarovski don't produce metal studs and sliding cover - or do they? They didn't seem to want to consider that question even tho' it would save them free replacing neckstraps for evermore. Any views out there please?
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    Swarovski still as helpful. Emailed on Sat evening to ask where I could buy new obj lens covers, email reply before 9.00 on Monday saying hsey woulld send a pair free of charge - arrived this morning.

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    Well, just for your information lads, I phoned this number today, spoke to a lady - and I do mean a most helpful lady - called Wahida, who took all the info and says the items I require will be in the post. We shall see. It's only and eyepiece so I can carry on just now.

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