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Thread: night raiders

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    night raiders

    Hi all.

    Just after your thoughts on deer detterents. I shoot at a pick your own farm which i fairly small. The fallow have not been much of a probleem until the last few weeks. They are now trashing the trees. Fencing is just to expensive for the size of enterprise so am dowwn to detterants until august arrives and we can get busy with the bucks.

    Has anyone used or have expieriance of the scary man inflating scarecrow and the intruder alarms which use 12 bore blanks

    Any advice gratefully received

    Regards pj

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    The trip wire operated blank firing alarms are very effective, but this day and age the liability may put many off. Make sure the discharge can do no harm, and is shielded from potentially injuring and serial murderers who will sue you!

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    Try sacks of hair clippings from your local barber say twenty feet apart. I know it works in a garden (it was told to me I can't take the credit)

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    With the alarms would you set them up so they go off in front of the deer so the deer sense danger in front of them or in the hedge so they go off when the deer are level with them

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    it makes no odds as long as they go off

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    i have given the pyo owner the details of both scarecrow and alarm and i will let you know how it goes. just hope it dosnt put them off so much that come august they dont show

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    Hi mate,i would contact natural england,section 7 of the 1991 deer act permits all species of deer to be shot during the closed season by an authorised person on any cultivated land,pasture or enclosed woodland.provided he/she has reasonable grounds for believing deer of the species concerned were causing or had caused damage to crops,vegetables,fruit,GROWING TIMBER or any other form of property on the land,that they were likely to cause further serious damage and that the action taken is necessary to prevent such damage,This is known as 'the farmers defence'.

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    like i say , whens enough enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    like i say , whens enough enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas View Post
    One of my permissions is a small fruit farm.

    The owner really wants the deer that eat the apple and plum fruitlets gone but isn't it strange that they never present a safe shot during the summer months

    I don't think you can better the experience of a watching them wandering about on an early summer morning

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