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Thread: Cleaning a PES

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    Cleaning a PES

    I'm looking for some advice as to the best way to clean my PES T12. I know in relation to these and other unstrippable mods ie T8 people advise to spray some WD40 down them.

    Is this simply just acase of spraying it down the muzzle end? Is this going to cause problems when the rifle is fired?!?!


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    Is this was is called a "rhetorical" question ?

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    ive got a pes t12 on my 270 and i sprayed wd40 in it and then left it to drain any excess off when i put it back on the rifle and shot through it for the first two rounds i had alot or blue smoke come with it so i stayed away from that method now only clean the section i can remove can anyone shed light on this cheers .


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    A squirt of wd40 is the way to do it. Yes it will cause the build up to blow out when you next fire the rifle but thats nothing to worry about.


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