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Thread: Did muntjac really do this?

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    Did muntjac really do this?

    So I took a wander down to one of my permissions tonight to see what was about. I haven't been there for quite a while, certainly not since the the cover's been up. I saw 2 muntjac both unshootable but good to see all the same. My main mission had actually been to go and set up a trail camera. Anyway, after I'd lost the light I went back to the car, grabbed the trail cam and set off to where I knew I wanted to set it up - I couldn't stalk that area earlier due to noise under foot. When I got there I was surprised to see such an extensive path literally eaten through the nettles, most places it was about a metre wide, with many junctions and routes off in all directions. I was amazed, I'd never seen anything quite so extensive. Did muntjac really do all that? I can't wait to see the trail camera footage which is now covering a junction in the network...

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    Would be really interesting to see the results of a trail cam. I'm hoping for decent results from mine

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    in short no , its not all muntjac , proberbly mostly badger , maybe a litter of fox cubs . Thing is badger start it and everything else follows these paths

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    Not Munties, something else has started it and munties will be are using it. It could be someone taking their dog for a walk. Fallow may be using it or it could be badgers or foxes.
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    badgers make paths like that and then others use them, i would quess if you follow it it will lead to an sett or under a fence where you will see badger hair on it

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    its them umpalumpa's again.

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    doubt its muntjac. i would look for signs of activity, were there any condoms or fag packets lying around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans View Post
    doubt its muntjac. i would look for signs of activity, were there any condoms or fag packets lying around?
    Unless the local undesirables eat nettles (they're not trampled flat) and enjoy a bit of nettle sting action on their ball bag I am confident this was not human made! This is 100% animal made, and from what I know of the area it has not had a visit from humans. The trail cam will hopefully reveal all.

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