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Thread: Hinged buttplate / shoulder hook??

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    Hinged buttplate / shoulder hook??

    Hopefully some of you will know what I'm trying to describe-seen one of these in a shooting clip once. Guy had a rifle with a metal buttplate which hinged upwards to approx. 90 degrees where it could then be placed on top of the shoulder to allow the rifle to sit in place while the trigger hand worked the bolt. I've been having problem recently with my .22 rimfire. When its raining-the stock likes to slip out of my shoulder when my waterproofs are wet. Anybody know what I'm talking about and where I could buy one of these 'hinged butt plates' or whatever they are correctly called? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!!

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    I know what you mean, but I think that they are restricted to the tactical or black rifle market and are integral to the but. I have never seen one that could be attached to a normal stock.

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    You probably saw Robert Bucknell, the fox shooter using one of these butt plates.

    Go to SPORTING SHOOTER website and there is a picture of Robert showing the butt plate. Archant Publishing.
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    They used to be an optional butt plate for the 1903 Springfield and I believe I once shot an M-14 autoloader with one attached.~Muir

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    It's an M14 buttplate. It's a really good idea, don't know where you would get one though. Anyone else able to help?.

    Have a look at this clip....


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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    It's an M14 buttplate. It's a really good idea, don't know where you would get one though. Anyone else able to help?
    Easy -and cheap- enough to get in the USA, but here the only option I can think of for sourcing one in the UK is an airsoft part, available here or here.

    The quality of airsoft bits is generally pretty good these days and should be up to the job on a sporting rimfire.

    It may take a bit of work to fit it to your stock though, especially as the M14 butt is quite wide compared to most rimfire designs.

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    OK this might be a radical idea but usually the opposite hand, left for most of us that is, pulls the rife back into the shoulder thus keeping the butt in the shoulder .

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    Errr, that was Bob Bucknell in the u-tube clip, Brit.

    I'm pretty sure he's figured that bit out by now .

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    Didn't watch the clip .............................our broadband is about as fast as the old dial up.

    Bob Bucknell

    Ahhhhh who? Sorry Bob never heard of you.

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    Tell 'em to plug it into the mains.

    That big windmill in Boston isn't powerful enough .

    Best wishes,


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