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Thread: Red Deer Observe Iron Curtain!

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    Red Deer Observe Iron Curtain!

    On today's Natural World on BBC2 there was a small piece about red deer that have been radio collared on both sides of the old Iron Curtain in Bavaria and former Czechoslovakia..

    Tracking the deer showed a distinct and almost total reluctance to cross the border even though there is now no impediment and this almost 20 years after the Wall came down.

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    I saw that report, it was most interesting. It can't be down to memory as deer don't live that long. Can it be down to instinct after such a short period of time? Who knows?
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Absolutely fascinating, what a fantastic place just goes to show what the place would be like if we all left!!

    There must be some sort of handover of knowledge however subtle between old and young. It is a bit like hefted sheep, how do they know where they live? or kalahari elephats who visit some water holes once in 10 or 15 years.

    One things for sure I would like to be paid to study it the place was my idea of paradise.

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    I also watched the programme. Nothing surprises me in the animal world.

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    5 years on and I just heard today on radio 4 news.......the same story!
    you can listen to the report here: BBC Radio 4 - Six O'Clock News, 23/04/2014
    the relevant bit starts at about 26:07

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    On one of my permissions in New Zealand you get reds on one side of the road and fallow on the other, and you never seem to find them on the wrong side. Its very weird!

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