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    new camera

    Was out this morning trying out my new camera,first photo is wide angle and the second with full zoom from the same position of a roe doe.Same again with a sheep wide angle then second with full zoom.The roe was 74 yds away the sheep much further.It also has GPS so you can have a grid ref for your photo's.Attachment 15622Attachment 15623Attachment 15626Attachment 15630

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    Good shots, what camera is it you've bought and what lens are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axe View Post
    Good shots, what camera is it you've bought and what lens are you using?
    Was using nikon coolpix P510 camera with built in 42x zoom lens,which equates to 1000mm i think,it also records in 1080HD movie.

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    Those are great shots right out at the end of the zoom and the exposure on the sheep looks pretty good even though there wasn't a lot of light so it must be a fairly big, and decent, bit of glass out front. All told I'm impressed.

    Will it do exposure bracketing to allow you to produce HDR shots?
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    I have recently got a nikon cool pix L310, Argos had them on special, I have used fuji (also made by nikon) and nikon for years, never had a problem with them... except a few weeks ago when out stalking dropped the camera, and because I always carry a spare set of batteries, which were resting on the digital viewing screen, that's right, fell onto the screen, cracked it, moral of the story, always carry spare batteries, but not in the camera case

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