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Thread: First Muntjack

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    First Muntjack

    First Muntjack

    After trying out The Devon side of Devon County Deer I thought it only right I try out the Norfolk side of Devon County Deer with Simon.We started the morning very early with Simon picking me up at the pub not far from his ground. He explained the safety aspects of the stalk on the way as Norfolk is flat and has very little backstops when shooting from the ground in contrast to Devon. I had a quick stalk into the high seat with Simon taking up position close by if I needed a hand. Not long after I got into the high seat I had a lovely buck come out in front of me at about 180 yards. Conscious of Simon's brief on back stops I was happy to watch him for a while before he moved back into the wood. Things then became a little hectic with the sight of a Muntjack moving through the wood to my right. He was constantly moving and gave me little chance of a shot. He was shortly followed by three others who were using the same track but at a trotting space each stopping at different times but none offering a clear shot. I then turned to my from to see an animal out on the ride about 120 yards away as soon as I got onto him he turned rear on again not presenting a shot and before I knew it he was gone tricky little critters they Munties! As agreed with Simon I came out of the high seat about about 06.20 to commence my stalk on the ground. As I did so I bumped two animals that had got into cover behind the high seat one went into the ground on my left offering no shot but the other trotted to my left along a ride. It totted and stopped then trotted and stopped disappearing behind cover then reappearing. I followed the deer along the track safety on safety off as it presented a shot then moved quickly on. The animal moved into a clear fell area giving the briefest of chances of a shot which I took. Not convinced of the strike I chambered and waited but saw nothing, I carried out a difficult follow up as there was little to mark the strike point from the ride. After a brief search I found a blood trail and followed up about 15 yards behind the strike point the animal was dead in the clearing. That was the first stalk of three cant wait to see what the others bring thank you Simon for a great stalk everything I could of wanted.

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    not trying to come across as a Arse BUT that Doe looks by its teats to be in milk !!!!! if so a dependent Fawn !!!!!!! hope im totally wrong
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    concrats on your stalk ,a pheep on the buttalo or a grunt will stop em for a shot when they are on the hoof and get you a few more opportunities ,hope that helps .

    atb norma

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    Nice one lardy, tricky little buggers to shoot alright well done mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    not trying to come across as a Arse BUT that Doe looks by its teats to be in milk !!!!! if so a dependent Fawn !!!!!!! hope im totally wrong
    Think you could be right pal.But like you said i hope we are wrong???

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    Fawn was killed and the Doe had mastytis

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    Fawn was killed and the doe had mastytis

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    Quote Originally Posted by lardy View Post
    Fawn was killed and the doe had mastytis
    at least its not going to die a slow death Must admit i admire and bow to you stalking skill's to id that the Doe had Mastytis before you shot it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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