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Thread: Fixing a CZ

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    Fixing a CZ

    Got a .222 CZ American (?) that got knocked over the other day and now, after about 20 shots through it cant pull the trigger or work the safety.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong and more importantly how it can be fixed!


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    I had problems with my trigger on a CZ .17 HMR took it to the gunsmiths in Ringwood and they sorted it. have no idea what the problem was

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    get stuck in

    get into it with your tool kit.

    if it is already broken you cant really make it worse can you.

    you will get an expanded schematic diagram of the web for reference.

    sounds like the safety catch is jammed therefore locking the trigger.

    have fun....

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    Take the stock off of the gun and then have a look, you should be able to see what the fault is even if you can't fix it your self. Take some photo's, fairly close up, so that we can all get a look, then an answer may be forth coming


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